My College Success  Summer Series

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The 321Go.COLLEGE "My College Success Launch Seminar Series"

Starting - July 10th 2019 

Prime Psychiatry in Frisco, Texas.

The Summer Success Series will prepare students for a successful launch into college. 

Many students who begin with anticipation and excitement don’t make it far.  1 in 3 will not make it through the first year and drop out.  Many who started in 2018 are now home struggling with the direction of their lives.

Great hopes and expectations without a plan often fail.  The Summer Success Launch Series will give your student powerful strategies and tools to manage these issues and many more:  

  • Homesick and being away from home, family and friends 

  • Financial stress 

  • Managing stress and adjustment issues 

  • Gaining clarity and self-definition in terms of talent

  • Choosing colleges and majors

  • Clarity for personal goals 

  • Depression management strategies

  • Anxiety management strategies

  • Stress management strategies

  • Relationship issues

  • Identifying and accessing support for mental health challenges

  • Advising support

  • Realistic expectations

  • Time and life management

  • Managing the realization they may not be the best or brightest student or athlete

  • Loneliness and being lost in the crowd

  • Handling new freedoms and choices 

  • How to pivot when chosen majors or pathways need adjusting 

These fours seminars will teach students practical methods to deal with these "drop out" factors and turn them into launch pads for success.  They will use powerful scientific tests and profiles to help them identify their innate strengths and stand strong in the face of what they need to launch successfully into their college lives.

Who should attend?

  • Students who are attending college for their first time.  

  • Students who may be re-entering college after struggling to engage the first time.

  • Students who are unsure or worried about returning for the next school year.

  • Students who are leaving to go to college in different states or countries.

  • Students transitioning from local community colleges to a four year college.

  • Any student wanting to succeed in their college life.


Participants will receive:

  1. 4 X 90 minute seminar sessions (10 modules) with leading experts in college success, mental health and life coaching

  2. The Gallup StrengthsFinder Profile - $20.00

  3. The Values In Action - Character and Motivation Strengths Profile - $20.00

  4. The PERMAH Profile - Positive Psychology Life Assessment Profile

  5. The GRIT Profile

  6. Full Access Code to College Talent Pathway Software - Value $199.00

FREE Parent Session - Thursday July 25th at Prime Psychiatry

Parents of the participants are invited to attend a FREE addition evening to discuss strategies to help your child launch successfully.

We will be hosting a live webinar with our own Dr. Monique Rinere PhD from New York.  The webinars will be from 7-8pm and then an open time for questions and answers and specific issues you have.

Four highly engaging, fun, interactive seminars led by experts in college success, mental health counseling, positive psychology, substance abuse, talent and strengths management.

Venue:  Prime Psychiatry.  11330 Legacy Dr., Suite 103, Frisco, TX 75033

Dates:  July 10th, 17th, 24th and 31st, 2019  (Each group is 90 minutes)

*Note if a student has to miss a session due to vacation or other issue, we are happy to make sure they get the information and even have a short 30 minute phone or Zoom video session with them.  

Times: 7-8:30pm

Cost: $325.00* for series

Individual Sessions $95.00

The seminars will be highly interactive, practical and focused on identifying individual strengths and needs to ensure a successful launch to college life.

The seminars facilitators: ​

  • Krisandra Parsons Demos , M.S., LPC., co-founder of 321Go.College and Chief Mental Health Officer.  Licensed Professional Counselor.

  • Mark R Demos, M.A., co-founder of 321Go.College and creator of Positive Forensic Profiling, a highly innovative process of talent identification and motive clarification.  Mark also created for colleges and high schools.  

  • Dr. Efosa Airuehia, M.D., DABAM, FAPA owner of Prime Psychiatry. - These seminars are being hosted at Prime Psychiatry

  • Mickey Saloma, MBA, Director of College Counseling at John Paul II.  Mickey is also the President of the DFW College Counselors Association and was previously an assistant dean of students at SMU. 

  • Charlie Bartlett, B.A., MBA (cand) Graduate of The Legacy Forum program.  Charlie's experience of working with us as he went to SMU, University of Vermont and then finding his pathway to graduation is a powerful story of hope.  Charlie will be sharing his experiences and wisdom now at the ripe old age of 25.   

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321Go is the most innovative student success program available to help students and parents navigate a successful transition from high school to college.  

321Go A Division of Talent DNA LLC