Pathway programs are based on the idea that we will help you clarify likely pathways to a successful future though high school and into a college or successful career, but we will walk with you as a guide, coach, mentor and when needed a therapist to that goal.   

Finding the right path and having experts to help you navigate along the way can make all the difference. 


Summer Success Seminars

Starting on Tuesday July 9th in Frisco, Texas.  7-8:30pm

We are launching our Summer Student Success Seminars at Prime Psychiatry leaders in Adolescent, Addiction and Depression and Lifestyle medicine.  

The seminar series will help students prepare psychologically and socially to be successful in college.  

This is NOT an academic skills camp but an innovative collection of short seminars, groups self-discovery profiles and discussion forums.

Students will discover their innate talents, clarify their "Big Why",  identify character strengths and learn life-changing Positive Psychological tools to ensure success in their college experience.  

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"Countdown To College"

The "Countdown To College" program is based on the highly acclaimed book, "Countdown To College - The Essential Steps To Your Child's Successful Launch".  

The program has been created by Dr. Monique Rinere, PhD, one of the world's leading experts in college student success.

The program covers three essential time frames:

3 - Acceptance letter to college until the end of their senior year

2 - Graduation, Summer and leaving for college

1 - Starting college through the end of the first semester

Managing this window of opportunity and extreme stress can often predict long-term success or failure in a students college experience.



My Life Scene Discovery

The greatest predictor of success and resilience in life is self-knowledge.  When we have clarity or who we are, we know what our talents are and we know what motivates us deeply, we are unstoppable.

My Life Scene is one of the most powerful self-discovery tools ever created. 

Developed with advisors from some of the greatest minds in Social, Positive and Strengths Psychology and college success, My Life Scene will thoroughly prepare your student for a lifetime of success and happiness. 

This fully integrated software and learning management platform can be taken at anytime from a student's junior year in high school and into college.   


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321Go is the most innovative student success program available to help students and parents navigate a successful transition from high school to college.  

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