Student Debt Crisis

321Go should be an exciting time for a family.  The problem is for many it is a time of anxiety for one big reason, MONEY!  Working through the financial aid forms, looking for scholarships, finding work/study opportunities or even jobs can be daunting.  

Many students and parents simply don't think about the issues that will hit them in 4, 5 or six years when sic months after graduation the loan repayments start.  There is no escaping them.  There are no bail outs.  The reality of those loans can often mean:

  • 10% - 20% - 30% of a paycheck goes to repaying the loans.

  • A significantly diminished standard of living.

  • Anxiety and depression about something that has no way out.

  • Delaying significant relationships and even having children.

  • The inability to buy a home or apartment.

  • Having to live with parents for years after graduation.

  • Many students don't graduate and still have loans they must repay without the advantage of the higher pay a degree brings.

In 2018 the 70% of students with graduate with an average of over $39,000.00 in student debt.

Many Options and Many Pathways to Avoid or Minimize Student Debt


321Go believes there are many options and many pathways to obtaining a college education without going into debt.  also offers many resources, links.  Sometimes the urgency of finishing high school and seeing the only option is the very best school you have been accepted to as the best pathway to your future.  It is not.

  • Sometimes a delayed launch is a good option. 

  • Taking a gap year and thinking deeply about what direction you want to go in can result in better decisions.

  • Using a pathway like community college to get your general education requirements.  The cost is a fraction of the cost of a four year college.  

  • In state vs out of state.  There are often huge differences and thinking that an out of state college is superior now may cost you years of repaying loans for the same degree.

  • Changing your beliefs about status.  Many students believe they must go to a top tier college if they want to find a high paying job.  That is only true is a few instances.  When you factor getting a higher paying job and then having to pay whatever that extra is to repay a student load, the name may not seem to matter quite as much.

  • Thinking you have to go where your best friends are going.  Almost half the students who begin college drop out so it is very possible your best friend may not be there after a little while.  College is a time to meet and make new friends so broaden your horizons and develop your social circle.  

  • Taking five years and working 20-30 hours a week.  Many students take 5-6 years to graduate and take classes that they regret and see no use for. 

  • Being more serious about studying and your future than simply seeing college as a time to party and have fun.  That's what summer are for.  Have fun but put college as priority.  It is to prepare you for a future of fun.  More money more fun later on.

  • Work hard now by finding every possible scholarships available.  Looking everywhere.  Small amounts add up.  

  • There are many other considerations and options to staying out of debt or at least minimizing it significantly.  You do not want to have to carry the burden of be chained to something you cannot unload.  


321Go has a coaching option to help you find ways to minimize debt and see the next launch from college to career without a payload that will slow you down for years or even make you crash.

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321Go is the most innovative student success program available to help students and parents navigate a successful transition from high school to college.  

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