Mental Health Counseling and Therapy

There is a mental health crisis with college students on college campuses.  There has been a dramatic increase in students facing mental health issues and in the ability of colleges to respond and help these students! 

The reason many students drop out is because they can't find the appropriate help for the problems they are facing.














321Go offers licensed professional counseling for students and parents.   We are leaders in Tele-Therapy which allows us to connect face to face with clients and fast.   No matter where your child is, we can help!


Counseling services on most college campuses are overloaded and getting an appointment can take weeks.  In most instances we can respond and set up a counseling session within 24-48 hours.


Our therapists are licensed and many have been in practice for at least 20 years.  They are experts.







NOTE:  Tele-Therapy is still unregulated in many states.  Some states have guidelines.  Many allow for out of state licensed counselors to "visit" via an online platform for 30 days.  321Go will seek to find an instate option who can connect with your child or yourself when options for one of our licensed counselors is limited by defined state regulations.  We can find an option within 48 hours in most instances. Therapy is done on a HIPAA secure platform - Thera-Link. 

Coaching is a positive process.  It moves clients forward by actively guiding you through a process.  We help students identify their individual talents and motivational strengths to deal with issues, choices and decisions.  Having someone in your corner who wants to see you be a success is an amazing asset.  


We have a broad selection of coaching courses and one-on-one options that focus on the critical areas of student success:  College Majors, Career Choices, Mindset, Grit, Talent Identification, Motive Formation, Gap Year Choices, Debt and Financial Management, Recovery Coaching and more.  

Our Student Coaches are often successful college and graduate students who are successfully navigating college life.  They come from different areas of study though many are psychology and mental health practicum students.  Others have already graduated but all have a track record of success in college life and experience.

Our Parent Coaches are also well trained in our methodology.  Many are parents who have been where you are and dealt with the issues you are dealing with.  Most have degrees in mental health but all are trained and certified coaches.

Coaching is done over the phone, on Facetime, Skype or Zoom. 


Counseling Options




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321Go is the most innovative student success program available to help students and parents navigate a successful transition from high school to college.  

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