321GO! is based on the work of one of the world's most experienced leaders in student success, Dr. Monique Rinere. 

You won't find anyone with a more powerful resume, years of close up experience and who has lead the most prestigious universities in the world. 

Dr. Rinere know what she is talking about when speaking to this critical issue. 

How do we launch students into a successful college experience?  

Dr. Rinere was a first-generation college student, earning her B.A. from Hunter College and then her M.A. and Ph.D. degrees from Princeton University.

She was a residential college dean at Princeton University, the dean of advising for Columbia University, and she founded the advising programs office at Harvard University.

She is now the associate vice president of The New School, leading academic advising, career development, academic integrity, and student health services, among other student-centered initiatives. She lives in New York City.

Dr. Rinere has overseen the creation of 321GO! and is also available for speaking, small intimate fireside discussions and expert coaching and consulting. 

"A valuable and comprehensive guide for parents of college-bound students . . . The months between high school and college are a critical time, but Dr. Monique Rinere gives you confidence that everything will be all right.”—Marvin Krislov, President, Pace University

"Countdown to College is an excellent and practical guide for helping your child choose the best college for them and for getting the most out of the experience once they get there.  It gives great advice to parents who want their children to have a successful transition to college life.”—Suzy M Nelson Ph.D., vice president and Dean for Student Life.  Massachusetts Institute of Technology


           is based on the powerful and practical book, "Countdown to College" by world renowned expert Dr. Monique Rinere.  

We have trained coaches, parenting experts, coaching options, a variety of  tests and profiles, apps to help students and parents  navigate through this critical window in your lives.  We can help you manage this bridge from school to college with confidence and success.  



Education is facing the challenges of:

1.  High drop-out rates in college 

2.  Violence 

3.  Serious mental health issues 

4.  Summer Slump 

5.  Student debt



           addresses all these issues with powerful coaching, program and other success options.  


Not only do we have a great track record but we have assembled a world-class team to provide expert coaching and help.  .

From Ivy league school deans, professors of education and leading social psychologists, we also have teachers and administrators who live in the trenches daily dealing with the issues that must be faced head on for the future to change.


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321Go is the most innovative student success program available to help students and parents navigate a successful transition from high school to college.  

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